Frequently asked questions

What happens if I place a bet at a lower odd than the best in the market?

When you place a bet you set the minimum odds you want, and the system automatically matches your bet to the best odds available, dividing it, if necessary, across multiple odds and multiple Bookies/Exchanges.

May I place a bet with a larger stake than all the money available at that odd?

Yes you can, because your stake will absorb all the money available from all Bookies/Exchanges with offers for that bet at equal or better odds than the odd you defined when placing the bet.

If there is not enough money in the market for your stake, your order will be divided and only the portion with available money will be matched. The rest of the stake will be waiting for offers in the market. You can cancel the stake that was not matched by the market at any time.

How long can my bet wait for correspondence in the market?

Bets are up to 72 hours waiting to be matched in the market. You can use the software's “Duration” option if you want to shorten this maximum waiting time for the bets to be matched of automatically cancelled.

What is a Lay bet?

A lay bet is a bet against that event. That is, if you are betting on the home team's win market, and instead of placing a Back bet, you place a Lay bet, it means that you will win if the home team does NOT win, ie if the game is tied or the away team wins.

To place a Lay bet, you will need to click on the pink squares within the market views (Grid view or Ladder view). If you click on the blue squares you will be placing a Back bet.

Why do I sometimes see the “stake below minimum” error when placing a lay bet?

When placing a Lay bet, the system turns it into a Back bet on the inverse odd of the opposite market. So note that a Lay at low odds can result in below-minimum stakes after being converted into a Back on the inverse odd.

Example, on the “Over 2.5 goals” market:

  • a 5£ bet on Lay Over, at 1.12 odds
  • is transformed into only a 0.6£ (=5/(1.12-1)) bet on Back Under, at 9.33 (=1.12/(1.12-1)) odds

And a 0.6£ bet can be below minimum on many Bookies/Exchanges.

What is the minimum stake amount?

Different Bookies/Exchanges have different minimum stake values (example bf=2GBP, pin88=5GBP).

Why does the CashOut or “Hedge” does not level perfectly the profit/loss?

When you click on CashOut, or in the “Hedge” column of Ladder view, the system calculates the closing Stake to the cent, but sometimes bets are only matched on integers (rounded off), which can make the cashout not perfectly levelled.

There are also certain Bookies/Exchanges that only accept bets in currencies other than the currency you are using to place the bet, and the currency conversion may also cause deviations in the actual bet.

What is the "Bet Details" panel in market views (Grid or Ladder)?

It is useful to keep the “Bet Details” panel visible to know the status of your bet placement, and in which Bookie is being placed.

This is where you see information on where your bet is being placed (in which Bookie/Exchange) and what is the placement status of your order. You will notice that your bet order has been subdivided into several effective bets on the Bookies/Exchanges.

Sometimes I see delayed prices in the ladder view, why?

The odds we show are the sum of the Odds feeds from the various Bookmakers, and sometimes there are delays in some feeds from some Bookies.

With the “Bookies” column visible in the Ladder view, you can see if there are any systematic delayed feeds, and use this information to turn off/on Bookies options in the software Settings window.

In which countries can I use Pollytrading?

You cannot place bets on Pollytrading if you are in one of the following locations: UK, Portugal, USA, Singapore.

What currencies are available on Pollytrading?

When creating your Pollytrading account, you can choose to create your account in EUR or BRL. These are the only currencies available on Pollytrading.

Please note that you will not be able to change your account currency later, and that all deposits and withdrawals will be processed in the same currency as your Pollytrading account.

How do I make a deposit to my Pollytrading account?

After entering the Pollytrading software, in My Account area, you can find the different available deposit methods, currently being Bank Transfer through direct contact with your agent (or with Pollytrading support) where there may be other methods to deposit.

What is the minimum deposit amount on Pollytrading?

The minimum deposit amount is 150EUR, or 400BRL, depending on the currency of your Pollytrading account. For the first withdrawal, the Rollover will be: 1x the deposit amount.